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Bride Walloped Man Who Crashed Her Wedding

Bride Walloped Man Who Crashed Her Wedding Cops: Interloper groped teens, then yanked girl's hair JANUARY 23--An incensed bride punched a wedding crasher in the face after the interloper disrupted her reception by pawing several teenage female guests, according to a criminal complaint . Cops say that William Dickinson, 25, and two co-workers were drinking at the bar of a Best Western in Eau Claire, Wisconsin Friday night when they decided to crash a wedding reception being held in the hotel. The goal was “getting laid,” Dickinson’s buddy Patrick Smith later told police. But Dickinson--wearing jeans and a t-shirt--quickly caused an uproar when he sought to dance with two 17-year-old girls and an 18-year-old woman. Police charge that he inappropriately touched all three teenagers. Two of the victims said Dickinson rubbed and squeezed their buttocks . When a 14-year-old girl confronted him about his behavior, Dickinson allegedly yanked on the child’s hair, causing her pain. During a scuffle that followed, Dickinson allegedly punched the bride’s father in the face, knocking the man down. Smith said that Dickinson later told him that wedding guests “were mad at him for dancing with the girls and accused him of being a pedophile.” When questioned by police, Dickinson admitted decking the bride’s father, adding that he planned to ground and pound the man, “but then realized that he was so old so he stopped punching him.” Dickinson, police reported, said that he “liked to fight people.” Dickinson, the complaint notes, later apologized to the bride, saying that he “hoped he didn’t ruin her party.” The woman responded by punching the wedding crasher (seen above) in the face. “Dickinson said he probably deserved it,” cops noted. Dickinson was charged with physical abuse of a child, a felony, disorderly conduct, and two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault (the latter two charges are misdemeanors).

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